Decoding Designed to Prevent Voyeurism


Voyeurism-prevention devices usually have signal lines that appear on the electronic circuit board of the device. Anyone with knowledge of electronics can modify these signal lines. If a person knows how to do so, they can disable the function of this decoding device. This way, a voyeur can’t receive images from the other side of the line. This decoding device helps to prevent the practice of voyeurism.

The technology also uses an electronic circuit board with signal line c. A person with knowledge of electronics can cut this signal line and make it useless for voyeur images. The device can be tampered with to send voyeur images. The tamper-resistant technology will stop unauthorized use of these devices. A decoding device that is designed to prevent voyeurism can also help prevent sexual activity.

A decoding device that prevents voyeurism uses a certified radio wave. Despite its name, it’s still very easy to intercept such a signal. This is why it’s important to use a decoding device that has this feature. While the resulting image may be unsightly, it’s important to avoid a voyeur who is trying to get a glimpse of you.

One decoding device has this feature. Its function is to detect a voyeur and transmit an image to the recipient. The device is made of two main parts, a digital signal processing unit and an anti-voyeur image output unit. The voyeur prevention information detecting unit is implemented in separate electronic devices. The anti-voyeur image output unit is in the middle of the device.

A digital signal processing unit is preferably implemented in a single electronic device. The anti-voyeur information detecting unit detects voyeur prevention information based on the separated voyeur information. It then sends the image to a voyeur prevention device. The anti-voyeur image generating unit is the next step in the process of preventing a voyeur.

A signal line c is also used to detect voyeur prevention information. The voyeur prevention information defining unit 59 outputs a voyeur image and then a corresponding binary information pattern. The voyeur image identifies the pixel as the voyeur prevention information. The anti-voyeur prevention signal is transmitted to the voyeur by the electronic circuit.

This decoding unit identifies anti-voyeur information by recognizing the shape of the anti-voyeur information. By decoding the image, the voyeur image is filtered. If a person is a voyeur, it is possible for the victim to see the voyeur without the consent of the obtrusive. It is possible for the voyeur to view an image.

The anti-voyeur information generating apparatus 59 uses a blinking pattern to indicate that the voyeur prevention information is present. The blinking pixel information is obtained by repeating the same binarized information pattern five times. The anti-voyeur prevention apparatus identifies a pixel as a voyeur image if it is present on the subject not to be captured.

During the encoding process, the voyeur prevention information generating device does not binarize the image. It makes the start timing of the imaging process and the lighting pattern the same. This way, the voyeur prevention information generating apparatus does not have the ability to detect a voyeur’s pixel. Its patented decoding device has a simple, yet effective decoding device.

The decoding device of the present invention is a circuit switch that receives voyeur prevention information from the subscriber line. It is designed to prevent voyeurism by providing a warning image to the voyeur. The circuit switch further contains a voyeur-prevention information-generating unit. It is a method for preventing pirating. The anti-voyeur algorithm can be implemented by any suitable hardware.

A decoding device to prevent voyeurism includes a CCD camera that detects the presence of voyeur prevention information. A voyeur prevention signal is an audio signal that is used to transmit an image. In order to avoid pirating video, the signal output unit must be implemented in one electronic device. The separation unit of the device enables the decoding to take place.


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