Case Study How One Business Reduced Costs with the Help of VSD Screw Compressors


Reducing operational costs is more important than ever in today’s competitive business landscape. One business that found a solution to reducing costs is Wenanorsc, a manufacturing company specializing in producing high-quality air compressors.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how Wenanorsc reduced its operational costs using vsd screw compressor and the lessons other businesses can learn from their success story!

Reduced Operational Cost

Firstly, Wenanorsc realized that its traditional air compressors were consuming much energy, translating into high operational costs. They also found that oversizing their compressors was contributing to the problem.

After conducting an energy audit, they concluded that the solution to their problem was to switch to more energy-efficient compressors.

The company opted for VSD screw compressors, which can adjust their motor speed to match the air demand and reduce power consumption. The company could reduce its energy consumption by 30% and save on operational costs by doing so.


Wenanorsc also discovered that their traditional compressors needed to be more durable and required frequent maintenance, which cost the company extra money.

With VSD screw compressors, the company was able to reduce maintenance costs because these compressors require less routine maintenance than traditional ones.

Additionally, the VSD screw compressors have longer life spans, so the company can avoid the cost of replacing the compressors as frequently.

Higher Output Capacity

Wenanorsc learned that VSD screw compressors offer a higher output capacity than traditional compressors. In addition, they found that these compressors can produce more air while consuming less energy which translates into cost savings.

The higher capacity of the VSD screw compressors meant that Wenanorsc could produce more items using less energy, ultimately leading to higher returns on investment.

Noise Reduction

The VSD compressors not only save energy but also reduce noise pollution. Wenanorsc’s factory was in a densely populated area, and the noise from the traditional compressors was causing problems for the nearby residents.

However, when they switched to VSD screw compressors, the noise levels decreased significantly, leading to better relations with the local community.


Finally, since the installation of VSD compressors at Wenanorsc, the company has positioned itself as an eco-friendly business in a market increasingly demanding environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes.

This move has attracted new customers who are conscious of the environment, and in turn, the company has been able to gain more market share.

The Bottom Lines

Wenanorsc’s case study provides a clear example of how businesses can reduce their operational costs by switching to more energy-efficient and durable technologies. In today’s business environment, companies must be innovative in their approach to their operations and products.

The VSD screw compressors at Wenanorsc are a perfect example of a company that identified a problem and came up with a solution that ultimately led to cost savings and other benefits, such as reducing noise pollution and attracting eco-conscious customers.

Businesses can learn a lot from Wenanorsc’s success story and should consider adapting and innovating where necessary to remain competitive.


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