The Best Way On How To Transfer Contact NumbersTo iPhone From Android After Setup

transfer contacts from android to iphone + how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone after setup

One’s contacts are an essential part of a phone. The primary purpose of a smartphone is to guarantee efficient communication. Therefore, if your phone lacks the necessary contacts, communication may almost be impossible. If you have recently transitioned from using an android phone to a new iPhone, the process to secure the transfer contacts from android to iPhone should be an essential step. Furthermore, the process is relatively straightforward. Below is the best way on how to transfer contact numbers to iPhone from android after setup.


The ultimate guide on how to transfer contact number to iPhone from android after setup

1. Install iTunes

The first step in transferring contacts from an android phone to your iPhone is to ensure that you first have the latest version of iTunes or the iTunes 12. You can do this by downloading and then installing it on your computer.


2. Turn off contacts’ sync

On the next step, go to your iPhone settings and turn off Contact Sync. Turning off the Contact Sync will ensure that the process of transferring contacts has not interfered in any way.


3. Enter password

If you had entered a passcode during the iPhone setup process, you must enter the passcode before the transfer process begins. Keying in the correct passcode will ensure the transfer process goes on smoothly.


4. Backuptrans computer installation

Backuptrans is one software that enables the android phone and computer contact transfer process to occur. Therefore, if your computer does not have one, ensure to download and install it. Once the Backuptrans software for Android Contact numbers to iPhone Transfer has been installed, you can now run it. After running the software, ensure to link your iPhone, Computer, and Android device together using a USB. The primary consideration to note if an Android phone is not visible to the software is to debug your USB.


Furthermore, different Android devices require various connections. So, if yours needs the installation of the USB driver software, for connections to be possible, ensure to install it. Another way you can make the connection is through WIFI.


5. Automatic contact reading

Once all the connections are made, the Backuptrans software will read all your contacts from the Android device. The process is rather automatic, and it ensures that the contacts are shown on the software’s interface.


6. Contacts transfer

The contact transfer step is pretty straightforward. The step ensures that contacts are transferred to your new iPhone. The first step in this stage is to select the Android device with the contacts you need. Then on the software’s toolbar, go to ‘Android to iPhone’ and click on it. On the main interface, ensure that you can view all your contacts. If you do not wish to transfer all the contacts, you can select what you need. Then transfer only the chosen contacts.


7. Confirmation

Confirmation is the last step in the contact transfer process. Choose the iPhone you wish your contacts to go to at this step and then press the confirm button. Your contacts will then get automatically transferred.



Losing your contacts is almost like losing part of your world. Furthermore, coping one contact at a time may be tiresome. Therefore, the above simple process ensures that you have the necessary means for easy contact transfer.


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