Home Décor Ideas With Mexican Blankets


Thanks to the widespread call to return to our roots, mexican blankets have seen an upsurge in their popularity. Mexican blankets, or serapes (or scrapes) as they are generally called, are the best way to oomph up your home. These blankets are made from the wool of Churro sheep. The wool soaks dye well and thus can be found in a variety of colors. Along with being cheerful, they are also very inexpensive and wouldn’t hurt your monthly budget. Mexican blankets are preppy, versatile, and add a fun splash of color to a rather dull house.

Where & How Can I Use Mexican Blankets In My House?

Make Pillow Covers Out Of Them

To give Mexican blankets another downy life, transform them into your couch’s comfiest pads. It is really as simple as gathering large enough material to wrap around your favorite supplement lengthwise (and add an inch more for a crease), sewing supplies, and a quiet moment with your machine – and you’re done. The bright colors of serapes act as a beautiful and eye-catching contrast to your living space’s bedsheet or sofa covers.

Use As A Rug On The Floor

Another brilliant way to use Mexican blankets is simply throwing them over your tiled or marbled floor and watching it completely change your room. It’ll not only act as a lazy spot to just sit over tea with your loved ones but can also be placed under your center table to beautify the aesthetic of the space. Blankets as rugs also keep the sitting area warm and comfortable. It is, in fact, one of the most durable rug options for a home.

Simply Wear It During The Winters

A very fashionable way to use Mexican blankets in winters is to wear them innovatively. Mexican blankets can be used as a poncho with a little help from your old sewing machine. A narrow Mexican blanket can also be draped as a scarf or a fancy shawl. It’s surprising how well a blanket scarf belts under a coat. Regardless of all that fabric, this gives your waist a nice, accentuated look. The bright color scheme also helps inhibit heat on cold winter days.

Get Cozy With Your Partner

Blankets were created with the basic purpose of keeping people warm. And Mexican blankets serve that purpose as well. Put them on your bed at night or watch television while snuggling up on the couch while it’s cold outside. Because of their heavyweight, they provide the best protection from the cold weather. They also act as a good excuse to snuggle with your partner, giving you a warm embrace of the soft and comfortable wool.

They Act As Perfect Backdrops In Your Rooms

While we post a photograph on a social media platform, the first roadblock we face is the choice of the background. A beautiful muse against a shabby backdrop will be instantly discarded. But instead of spending tons on backdrop walls, Mexican blankets can be used to accentuate the photograph. They immediately catch the viewer’s attention, impelling them to engage with the post. Serapes are the most inexpensive and beautiful way to amp up your photographs.


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