How To Make Bubblegum Beads Necklaces?


These beads are 20 millimetres in diameter and are referred to as bubble gum balls, gumballs, and chunky beads. These beads, often known as plastic, are fabricated from acrylic or resin.

Beads With Crimps

Your necklace will begin with the crimp bead, the first and most essential component. It’s the part of the necklace that keeps everything else in place. There is a significant amount of inferior crimp bubble gum beads. And tubes are on the market nowadays. It is extremely difficult to locate plated crimps of a decent grade.

Your crimp bead needs to fold neatly, keeping each end of the wire distinct and immovable inside the crimp. Sterling silver and gold-filled crimps are significantly simpler to use since the metal is a bit harder, so they maintain their form better (but they are much more costly).

Steps For Making Bubblegum Neckless

First Step

To begin, thread your cable through to the crimping bead. Next, pass the cable through all the hole in your toggling clasp. Finally, run the wire back thru the crimping bead. Use your thumb and fingers to separate each wire end to either side of the crimp bead. You want to ensure that your wire is NOT crossed within the crimp bead so that you may obtain the best and strongest crimp possible.

The Second Step

To fold the flatter sides together, you will need to flip the crimp bead over so that it is lying on its side and insert it in the second notch on the pliers. Put some serious pressure on it. Resist the temptation to push down on your crimp more than once because if the bead moves in any way, you will end up with a bead that looks scraggly and has several dents. Resist the desire.

The Third Step

Be sure you thread a spacer and a 20mm bead across each of your pieces of wire before you cut the end of the wire. Reduce the length of the end piece of wire so that it is flush with the 20mm bead. Continue doing this until you have finished stringing all of your beads. Beads that act as spacers allow the necklace to hang beautifully without exposing any wire gaps between the larger beads.

Last Step

At this point, all that is left to do is start the procedures again. The crimp bead should be strung on first. Make sure your necklace is draped gently over the curved surface of the table. If you hold it straight up in the air, you risk overly tightening the wire, which can cause your necklace to become more rigid and ruin its drape. Repeat steps one through three to crimp your crimp bead.

Take your time since maintaining the wire’s separation on this side of the crimp is more difficult than on the other. When altering the position of the crimp bead or wire, you may need to draw your wire tighter many times. After you have completed this step, cut the end of your wire flush and run it back through the first spacer and one of the 20mm beads.


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