How To Take Care Of Jelly Bags?


Jelly bags are becoming popular among women nowadays. These bags can be taken anywhere. They are not affected by sand and water. The jelly bags are manufactured with high-quality PVC material.

The jelly bags are recyclable. They are ideal for traveling, durable, and come in various colors and designs. Jelly bags are available with an environmentally-friendly dust bag for proper care.

Types Of Jelly Bags:

Jelly bags are of the following types:

Mini Shoulder Bag

Jelly bags come in a mini shoulder bag format. They are the perfect evening bag.

They are trendy and also suitable for any vacation. These bags come in all mid and larger sizes. You can use this bag as a handbag by just removing the strap. It’s great everywhere.

The Crossbody Bag

A crossbody bag is the need of every woman. These bags are versatile and work at all times of the day. They are easy to carry. You can use them for formal and informal occasions. These jelly bags come in various colors in mini, mid, and large sizes.

Clutch Bag:

A jelly purse is also available as a clutch bag. You can use this jelly clutch bag alone or put it in a larger tote bag. Jelly bags in this size are necessary as they can carry miniature items that require their own space.

Tips For Taking Care Of Jelly Bags:

With proper care, jelly bags always look as new and extravagant as the day you brought them home. Here are the tips you should follow for good care of your jelly bags.

Keep Away From The Sun:

Jelly bags are prone to hot temperatures. It would be best if you protected your jelly bags from direct sunlight. The jelly of this bag can be hardened, cracked, or even broken due to heat produced by the sun. Direct sunlight also fades the color of jelly bags.

Save In A Box

Jelly purses come with a box. It would be best if you did not dispose of the box after buying a jelly bag. This box can be used to store jelly bags after usage. If you keep your jelly bags in the box, they will last longer and stay bright in color.

Proper Cleaning

However, jelly bags are stain resistant, but it does not mean you skip their care and cleaning. To keep your jelly purse looking beautiful for longer duration, you should clean it regularly following this procedure.

  • First, remove all the things from the bag. You should make sure that jelly bag is completely empty.
  • Take a bowl of mildly warm water. Then add a dash of gentle laundry detergent in it. Then take a soft sponge. Dip this sponge in the bowl water, squeeze it out, and softly clean the exterior of the jelly bag.
  • Rinse your sponge with clean water. Then gently rub this sponge on the purse to remove the detergent.
  • Wait for your jelly bag to dry fully.
  • Now your bag is properly cleaned and ready to use again.


If you want your jelly bags to be an astonishing piece of your wardrobe for a longer duration, then you should follow the above steps for its proper.


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