Genshin Affect’s Clarification For Why Geo Strikes Do not Work Angers Gamers


Genshin Impact developer miHoyo’s recent explanation as to why Geo moves don’t always work has angered players. This is, unfortunately, quite commonplace for miHoyo, which is just getting over player outrage over lackluster anniversary rewards in Genshin Impact. Although the Chinese developer placated the players by giving away free rewards, the latest outcry over Genshin Impact‘s mechanics not working the way players believe they should is causing quite the issue.

Throughout 2021, Genshin Impact players have been reporting a bug where Geo structures would not form on surfaces that contained water. The issue became especially troublesome in the Oceanid boss battle, which requires the player to clear enough waves to allow the Oceanid to destroy itself. Geo characters like Zhongli, Albedo, and Ningguang have all been affected by this bug. As a result, many Genshin Impact players have expressed their frustration with the developers over this issue.

After the continuous complaint from the Genshin Impact community, miHoyo finally responded to the topic. On November 7, 2021, miHoyo stated that this is actually not a bug but an intended feature for the game. The developers noted that players can freeze the water on the Oceanid floorwhich would stabilize the surface and allow players to spawn a Geo there. While this response seems plausible on its face, a Reddit thread posted by JonathanlW shows just how upset some fans are.

The Chinese developer’s statement to the community upset many of the Genshin Impact players and received considerable backlash. In the comments of the Reddit thread, players accused miHoyo of being untruthful, even accusing the developer of covering up an existing issue because they don’t want to put in the work to fix it. Others have said this is just the result of lazy and poor game design. Players have also pointed out that Albedo and Ningguang’s abilities actually float rather than touching any surface, which could provide an easy fix for this issue.

This is also not the first time players have seen abilities not work correctly. Back in September 2021, the five-star Genshin Impact character Kazuha had a glitch that caused the character to die after using the Chihayaburu ability. As it stands for now, though, Geo users will either have to continue with the nerf or perhaps find an Electro user for water-based fights. Perhaps players will, begrudgingly, take the developer’s advice as to how to make the Geo moves work in Oceanid battles or miHoYo will revisit the issue in the future. Whatever the case may be, Genshin Impact players will have to figure out how to navigate these battles with Geo characters.


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